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Aura Beauty Academy

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Professional Trainers

Learn from professional Trainers.

Aura Beauty Academy offers professional trainers who are well trained to take the courses. They have expertise in the areas of work and understand the fundamentals of the taking the course. The Academy offers a foothold to the entry-level students through training by the professionals.

Our trainers make any course look fun and easy to learn. The courses offered by the academy are vast and elaborate. The trainers are always enthusiastic about the work they do and know different teaching strategies. The experience they carry is unparalleled to any other Beauty Academy in Jalandhar.



Advance Diploma in cosmetology.

Cosmetology is not just about make-up but also understanding the skin type. We train the students to study and recognize different skin types, colors, face shape and recommend the right treatment. The teaching is done not just with lectures or demos but also exposing the students to the environment of a salon.

The focus is also not only for the treatments, but we also focus on the natural therapy and tips as well. If you do not know what to use on the skin then it might harm you hence, having the right knowledge is important.


Masters in PGD

Get Masters in PGD ( 15 Months Certified Course ).

In our 15-month course, we offer salon management, facial treatment, body massage, Henna, Body tattoo and makeup.The course also includes nail art and hair treatment and products to be used. Aura Beauty Academy is affiliated with City and Guilds, the UK which offers professional training to the students.


Certified Courses

Aura Beauty Academy ( affiliated withCity & Guilde UK ).

Aura Beauty Academy offers many certified courses which are over 2-6 months’ duration. The certified courses include make-up, hair, beauty, and cosmetology.  If you are passionate and want to make your mark in the beauty industry, then our beauty certified courses are for you.

The beauty tips and tricks offered in the courses can help you in the long run and with additional practice make you better. The techniques used are modern which are required to learn by the students.


Certified Cources

Beauty Professionals are Earning more than Doctors.

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