Aura fusion of 7 services of spa , skin-laser, salon , slimming , bridal , hair transplant and dental care offers franchisee to strategic partners who are looking to fulfill an entrepreneurial dream in this fast expanding and ever changing beauty field. Franchise fee is one-time payment in consideration for the granting of franchise. Franchise is granted for an initial period of five years. This covers location approval cost and cost of initial training of staff and professional and technical support to franchises. Monthly royalty payment equal to fixed percentage of the collection and to be paid on monthly basis .All professional ,technical support equipment procurement and recruiting staff will be assisted by our team.



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Franchise Model A Franchise Model B Franchise Model C Franchise Model D
Only Salon and Academy Salon, SPA and Academy Salon, SPA, Medical Beauty and Academy Combination


Ready Reckoner
Monthly Royality fee Area Required Franchisee fee Equipment cost Interior fixtures
14% 1800-200 sq. feet Depending upon location 16 lakhs 20 Lakhs
14% 1000 Sq. fee Depending upon location 6-8 Lakhs 14 Lakh
Miscellaneous expenditure 2-4 Lakhs


Startup Support

  • Site Selection & Infrastructure Layout Plan
  • Recruitment and Training
  • Marketing Activity Support
  • Backend Support

Web Designers

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